Intelligent Art Discovery. applies Artificial Intelligence to the Art Discovery process. Use our innovative technology to find new art you will love based on the art you already do.



Using Artwerks means more patrons with less work. Our algorithm puts your artwork in front of the visitors most likely to appreciate your unique talents.

  • Get started in under 10 minutes
  • Stick with your existing e-commerce solution or use ours
  • Easy to understand visitor statistics


The easiest way to discover new art and artists. Our algorithm quicklylearns your preferences and shows you art aligned with your own unique tastes.

  • Enjoy discovering new art again
  • Easy to use functionality
  • Keep up with your favorite artists

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Artwerks work?

As collectors indicate artwork they like, Artwerks learns more about their preferences. Individual collectors preferences are then compared against other collectors, and collectors are show new art that collectors with similar tastes also liked.

How is your site different from other art sites?

Art platforms traditionally limit you to seeing art on each individual site. We allow artists to link back to whatever platform or website they like, so you will be able to see art from multiple websites and online galleries.

How much does it cost?

Artwerks is free for collectors. Artists who elect to join during the beta period will be offered "free forever" professional accounts in exchange for providing feedback. We plan to offer a free tier for artists, but hope the value we provide is worth the price of a professional membership.

How do I get access?

Fill out the form below. Artists should begin to get invitations to join in late October 2020. As soon as we have a sufficient amount of artists on board we will contact collectors to let them know the platform is live.

Get Early Access

Our early access members get "free forever" access and will be able to influence how the platform works. Complete the below form and get your early access invitation.

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